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2019-20 Early Winter Activities

Registration Deadline 10/23/2019
Payment Deadline 10/23/2019


  **A physical performed by a licensed health care provider is required to participate, including practices, in athletics and expires after 2 years**.
In addition, all athletes must have a current ASB card to play, it is good for one school year. ASB cards are $11 and may be purchased in the school business office.

If the athlete is attending a special program school, but lives in the Glover attendance area you must complete a few registration papers for our building so we have contact and health information for that athlete. You must also purchase an Glover ASB card for $11.
The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) recommends that each student participating in interscholastic activities be covered by insurance. Adequate insurance is recommended to provide benefits in areas such as those listed below:

  1. Minimum death benefit
  2. Doctor's services and hospitalization
  3. X-rays
  4. Dental coverage

If you need to purchase school insurance the application is in the business office.

Volleyball - October 21, 2019 to December 11, 2019
8 practices required before first game
Wrestling - October 21, 2019 to December 07, 2019
10 practices required before first game
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