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2019-20 Clubs and Activities Registration - Fully Supervised Activities

The listings of clubs below is inclusive of all Newton South High School affiliated clubs.  As such, please note that if the activity in which your child is participating is not listed below, it is in no way under the supervision control or guidance of the Newton Public Schools, or any NPS employee, agent or representative.

Each club in this listing below is an official Newton South High School club that has FULLY SUPERVISED activities. The description of what constitutes a "fully supervised" club vs. a club with "partially supervised activities" is as follows:

Fully Supervised Clubs and Activities

  • Faculty member as advisor
  • Supervised meetings and activities at Newton South High School by the faculty advisor/NPS employee
  • May also have activities off of the school campus and these activities ARE supervised by a faculty member/NPS employee

Clubs with Partially Supervised Activities

  •  Faculty member as advisor
  • Must have at least some meetings at Newton South High School, and these meetings are to be supervised by the faculty advisor/NPS employee
  • Have non-school sponsored activities off  of the school campus that are NOT supervised by a faculty member, agent or representative of NPS

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Newton South High School Clubs and Activities for further information.