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2019-20 Athletic Registion

Eligibility Obligations:

To be eligible for Madras High School interscholastic athletes,

students must meet each of the following requirements:

1) Be on track for graduation per OSAA guidelines.

2) Conform to all OSAA rules and regulations∙Students have only eight consecutive semesters, or the equivalent, of unbroken high school athletic eligibility.

3) To be eligible for competition, students must have passed five credit bearing subjects the preceding semester.

(a) Eligibility checks will also be done at the 9 week grading period. Students who are not passing five credit bearing

subjects will be placed on Academic Probation for six consecutive school days from the point of notification. During the

probation period the student must meet the following requirements:

i) Ensure all grades meet eligibility criteria (passing five credit bearing classes)

(ii) Attend all practices unless he/she is working with a teacher or working to improve academic standing.

(iii) The students will not be permitted to travel to any contests that requires early release from instructional time.

(iv) In the event the student athlete violates any of the terms of academic probation during or at the end of

the probation period, he/she will be ruled ineligible for the remainder of the season.

(b) At end of this Academic Probation,students must be passing 5 classes to have eligibility reinstated

for the season.

4) Complete FamilyID registration form.

5) The athlete must also have an up to date sports physical form completed

6) Completed pay to play requirements

7) For teams participating in the Impact Concussion program, this form must also be completed before participation

of any type.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Madras High School for further information.