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2019-20 Athletic Physical Clearance Registration

Physical Information:

All athletes must have a physical before they can practice with a school team. Physicals are good for one full year from the date of the physical. Therefore, athletes that got a physical in May offered by Tulare Union will be covered until the following May.

Any athletes that are planning to complete in a fall sport should get a physical in June or July so that you will be ready to begin on the first day of practice. The nurse's office at Tulare Union has a packet that must be filled out by all athletes and signed by the doctor that provides the physical. Then, the packet must be returned to the nurse who will issue a green slip that you take to your coach to verify that you are cleared to practice.

If you have additional questions you can speak to your coach or the athletic director.

- Your coach will give a team roster to the Athletic Director to check academic eligibility. You must meet the following requirements for academic eligibility.

a) Unit rule: You must have passed a minimum of 20 units for the latest grading period. If you did not, you are automatically ineligible. There is no probation for students completing less than 20 units. In addition, beginning the fall semester of each school year, a student must have completed the following number of units otherwise they are ineligible for the year: Sophomore: 40 units Juniors: 80 units Seniors: 140 units

b) Probation: If you receive less than a 2.0 GPA for the latest grading period but the previous grading period you were above a 2.0 GPA you can request a 9-week probation period.

c) Ineligibility: If you receive Less than a 2.0 GPA for TWO CONSECUTIVE grading periods, you are ineligible.

- If at any time you are no longer a member of a team, you must turn in ALL equipment immediately. You are financially responsible for ALL kept, lost or stolen equipment. You may not try out for another sport until ALL equipment from a previous sport has been returned. If you are not trying out for another sport and fail to turn in your equipment your student account will be billed and your diploma withheld at graduation until full payment is paid.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Tulare Union High School for further information.