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2018 Winter Athletic Registration

Registration Deadline 01/23/2018

Sportsmanship is:

- Playing fair

- Following the rules of the game

- Respecting the judgment of referees and officials

- Treating opponents with respect

Some people define good sportsmanship as the "golden rule" of sports — in other words, treating the people you play with and against as you'd like to be treated yourself. You demonstrate good sportsmanship when you show respect for yourself, your teammates, and your opponents, for the coaches on both sides, and for the referees, judges, and other officials.


Santa Cruz City School's athletic program is offered free of charge to all students. Due to reduced education funding, athletics receives minimal funding from general funds. All donations are greatly appreciated and are designated solely for the used of supporting athletics, (coaches, referees, equipment, and uniforms). It costs approximately $75. per athlete to maintain each team. Rather than ask students and families to participate in additional fund raising, we request you support the sport as you are able. Donations may be made at the office. Checks should be made out to Branciforte Middle School with athletics program written in the memo location.

Your donation is tax deductible as a charitable contribution to an educational organization, as defined by the Internal Revenue Code Sections 170(a) and (b)(1)(A)(ii).

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Branciforte Middle School for further information.