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2018 The Hive Summer Camp

Registration Deadline 07/27/2018

The BIG idea: Contemporary art in deCordova's 30-acre Sculpture Park and Museum galleries connects the hive’s weekly themes to real world ideas, unbounded creativity, and inspiring innovation. The four weekly themes are starting points to spark imaginative possibilities that campers make their own with the projects. Each week culminates with the campers designing and constructing an activated sculpture installation in the Park.

2018 Inspiration: The spotlight is on process. Campers will create. Campers will destroy. Unraveling, shattering, deflating, and dissolving will continually reveal new sculptures! The distinct processes of the two artists featured in the Museum’s summer exhibition Sculpting with Air: Ian McMahon and Jong Oh will inspire campers to dive into collaborative inventions of concealing and revealing.

Schedule: Mondays through Fridays, 9:30 am-4:30 pm (early drop-off available at 8:30 am)

Week 1: Animal Architecture, July 9-13, 2018

Week 1 Theme:  How does a squirrel build its home with branches and leaves? A carrier snail spends up to 10 hours selecting just the right pebble to attach to its shell. Why would a bug live in a nest of bubbles? All creatures—human, animal, and insect—carefully design and construct where they live, eat, and sleep.

Inspired by the Museum exhibition Lived Space: Humans and Architecture, along with works in the Sculpture Park and nature itself, campers will devise habitats of their own creation reflecting what they know and imagine about animal architecture.

Week 1 Project: Design and create a neighborhood of animal habitats. Campers will engineer outdoor structures that will unravel for a dramatic reveal of inner sanctuaries. The interiors will bring to light how the animals live and relate to each other. What surprises will be found!

Week 2: Time Travel: Doors to the Future and the Past, July 16–20, 2018

Week 2 Theme: What if time travel to the past and future was possible? Imagine what will happen 25 or even 25,000 years into the future. How do artifacts from the recent past compare to those of a century or millennium ago?

Inspired by artist Saul Melman’s maze of enchanted cast doorways in the Sculpture Park and other outdoor works and spaces that transport us, campers will move backward and forward in time with ease.

Week 2 Project Create portals to yesterday and tomorrow while documenting time travel adventures between realms. Objects and passageways cast by campers will reveal secrets of the past and future made visible by shattering their outer shells!

Week 3: Sky Travel: The Air Up There, July 23-27, 2018

Week 3 Theme: Possibilities are sky high for zeppelins and gliders to explore the atmosphere over deCordova. How many types of air transportation vehicles can be made to soar through the Sculpture Park in search of airborne cities?

Inspired by the Museum exhibition Sculpting with Air: Ian McMahon and Jong Oh, campers will discover the power of air to shape, lift, suspend, and propel.

Week 3 Project: Engineer a diverse air fleet to reach inflatable cities in the sky. When deflated, what inner workings of these outer metropolises will be revealed? Experiments with simple machines, controlled air, rubber bands, and aerodynamics will send campers’ imaginations to the stratosphere!

Week 4: Revealing Ripples and Telling Tides: A Lost Underwater Town, July 30-August 3, 2018 

Week 4 Theme: What if the waters of Flint’s Pond rose to cover deCordova’s campus? Imagine swimming through a new world of submerged sculptures and studios! What would this underwater art town look like and who would live there?

Inspired by the Museum exhibition Lived Space: Humans and Architecture combined with the Sculpture Park and neighboring pond, imaginations will dive to new depths of discoveries and adventure.

Week 4 Project: Create an extraordinary underwater art world without ever stepping foot in a body of water. Through experimenting with the power of water to cover, move, and dissolve, campers will carve a memorable waterscape that appears and disappears with the newfound tides.

Adult Hive, Friday afternoons: July 20 & July 27, 1-4 pm

Back by popular demand! Hive parents and family members, and other adventurous adults and teens are welcome. Adult Hive was designed by request from parents and others wishing that camp weren't just for kids. This summer you can come to camp, too! Join us for one or both afternoons of collaborative art making immersed in nature:

During Week 2, Time Travel: Doors to the Future and the Past, you will create a portal to yesterday and tomorrow revealing secrets of the past and future.

During Week 3, Sky Travel: The Air Up There, you will design a division of the air fleet to reach inflatable cities in the sky.

For ages 16+ Have no fear - no artistic expertise necessary!

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum for further information.