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2018 Summer School Program

Registration Deadline 06/01/2018
Payment Deadline 06/01/2018

Glover Middle School will be open for 16 days over the summer to offer a summer program for eligible and interested students.  There will be three distinct programs offered simultaneously.  All students attending will be able to receive breakfast upon arriving and lunch before leaving.  Students that do not live within walking distance of Glover, but are within the attendance area will have the opportunity to ride a bus that will pick students up and drop them off at the closest elementary school to their house. 

Two options for accelerating students in math will exist:

• Algebra Summer Bridge - This is designed for incoming 7th grade students who are entering Algebra I.  This course is designed as a Blended Learning model using Blackboard learning videos and Math XL for school (online math tasks).  The course includes several math problem solving tasks to promote student discourse and to provide fun learning activities.  Incoming 8th grade students who want to challenge themselves to take Algebra I instead of MS2 will also be eligible to participate.

• AVID Math Summer Bridge - This course is designed for incoming 7th grade students who are entering MS Accelerated.  The curriculum is provided through AVID.  Incoming 7th grade students scheduled for the MS 1 course that want to challenge themselves to be in MS Accelerated will also be invited.

"The Glover Experience" will be offered to rising 7th grade students to bridge their elementary school experience to the start of their middle school career.  Students will have the opportunity to attend one of four different identical sessions, each of which will consist of a four day program.  Approximately 90 - 120 minutes of each day will be focused on the development of academic skills, including - critical reading strategies, an annotation strategy, a method for writing when citing textual evidence, a mathematics problem solving strategy and writing like a mathematician.  The other 60 - 90 minutes of each day will be focused on soft skills and team building, including things like - reading a schedule, opening a locker and building peer relationships through activities.

For all programs breakfast is served from 8:00am-8:30am and lunch from 11:30am-12pm (noon). Breakfast and lunch are free to all participates.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Glover Middle School for further information.