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2018 Student Driver Contract

Registration Deadline 06/30/2019
Payment Deadline 06/30/2019

As a student Driver at Hidden Valley you must follow the rules listed in the form in order to drive and park a car on the Hidden Valley Campus.  

  1. I must register and pay a yearly $5.00 fee for my car in order to drive and park on campus.
  2. I must display my parking cling on the left hand side of the driver's window in the corner. 
  3. I must put my new year number on my car each year I renew my parking permit. 
  4. If I get a different car to drive, I will go the the bookkeeper and get another cling for that car immediately. 
  5. I must keep my speed to 5 miles per hour on campus.
  6. I must obey the yield signs.
  7. I must park only in the areas allowed for students.
  8. I must park safely within the lines.
  9. I must not leave during the school day unless I am checking out for the day or have a pass to go to an appointment which will allow me to return later that same day if needed.
  10. I must not allow others to ride in my car and leave campus during the day without a pass.
  11. I understand parents cannot excuse me to leave during breaks. They can only excuse me to leave if I have an appointment or other need allowed by school and district policies.
  12. I know Hidden Valley has a closed campus policy and must not violate those rules while driving and parking at Hidden Valley.

I also know and understand that if I do not follow the above rules the following can happen:

I will receive a referral to administration. Administration will assign one or more of the following consequences: one or more lunch detentions, I could be required to turn my keys over to the office until the end of the day for one day or up to the end of the year, I could have one or more in school suspensions or I lose my ability to drive and park the car at Hidden Valley from 5 days up to the remainder of the school year. 

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Hidden Valley High School for further information.