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2018 Spring Drivers Theory

Registration Deadline 03/02/2018
Payment Deadline 03/02/2018

The PT Academy provides the students with the opportunity to complete Driver’s Theory through an online instruction model.  Students are required to meet face-to-face two times. At the initial meeting, students will receive materials and instructions on how to navigate through the online platform.  At the second meeting students will complete the final exam.  With successful completion of the course and exam they will receive a Pennsylvania Certificate of completion.   It is highly recommended the students complete Driver’s Theory prior to participating in the Behind the Wheel course (PT Students Only).

Note- No refunds will be issued after the start date of course.

Spring Drivers Theory - February 21, 2018 to April 18, 2018
Initial meeting will be held on Feb 21st in the HS Cafeteria at 2:30. Please bring your Chromebook or Laptop.
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