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2018 Hazlet Middle School Fall Athletic Registration

Academic Eligibility for Hazlet Middle School

To be eligible to participate on an athletic team or activity a student must meet the requirements. If a student fails two major subjects (example: history and math) or any combination of three subjects (i.e. health, music, art), they are placed on "probation." Students on probation have until the next grading process (report cards, progress reports) to bring grades up to passing level. Those with failing grades after the probationary period will be removed from all extra-curricular activities. A student may not participate in extra-curricular activities again until they are removed from the ineligible list by the Principal.

All Hazlet Middle School Student/Athletes that wish to participate in Athletics must Complete, Sign and Submit all information online  to be considered Eligible to Practice or Tryout.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Hazlet Township Public Schools (Raritan High School & Hazlet Middle School) for further information.