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2018 Fall Athletics Registration

Registration Deadline 08/23/2018

To be eligible for a sport (per CIAC and HVRHS rules) a student must,

  • have a current physical examination with completed forms (available from the Main Office) on file in the school nurse's office before the first practice,
  • take at least four (4) Carnegie Unit classes (CIAC Rule I.B),
  • have received credit for at least four (4) classes at the close of the school year preceding the fall season to be eligible for fall sports (CIAC Rule I.A)
  • not have received a NYP in two or more classes at the end of the marking period preceding the start or during the current season (or end of year for fall eligibility) (HVRHS Handbook pgs 32-33),
  • have not reached his or her twentieth (20th) birthday (CIAC Rule II.B),
  • have changed his or her residence if new to the school (CIAC Rule II.C),
  • have attended not more than eight (8) semesters unless granted a waiver by CIAC (CIAC Rule II.B),
  • not play or practice with an outside team in the same sport while a member of the school team after the first scheduled game in any season (CIAC Rule II.F),
  • always participate under his or her own name (CIAC Rule II.G),
  • not receive personal economic gain because of athletic skill for participation in any sport (CIAC Rule II.G),
  • participate in a minimum of ten (10) days of practice prior to competition (CIAC Section 4.6.H),
  • not participate in or represent his or her school in more than one sport after the date of the first contest (CIAC Rule II.D),

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Housatonic Valley Regional Athletics for further information.