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2018 8th Grade Boys Basketball

Registration Deadline 09/01/2017
Payment Deadline 09/04/2017
  • Eligibility: students must complete the athletic registration process and submit a current physical (within 2 years) before they are eligible to attend practices. Students without a current physical will not be allowed to attend practice until this is completed.

  • Academic Eligibility: athletes who have an F in any class are not eligible to participate in interscholastic games until the grade(s) is brought up to a D.  If once they make a team and their grade drops below a D, they may attend the second half practices for their sport but need to be seeking academic support during the first 45 minutes of practice. It is highly recommended that they are enrolled in ICAN or homework supports until 4:30 then attend the remaining practice time. 

[Even though WIAA policy states that a student may participate with one (1) F during an athletic season, we hold our Sacajawea students to a higher standard and expect them to make their academics a priority]

  • Practices:
  • Afternoon practices begin promptly after school and conclude by 5:25pm Monday - Thursday. 
  • Morning practices if/when begin at 7:00am.
  • Coaches for each sport will provide specific practice/game calendar with more detailed information at the start of each season.
  • Activity bus transportation: provided for athletes who regularly ride school transportation.  These buses leave campus at 5:30pm and drop riders off at their designated stop.  Drop off times will vary depending on the number of riders. It is important that you communicate with your child so you know where they are on the route. 

In addition athletes must:

  • Pay their ASB fee of $10.00. Athletes may not participate in games until this fee is paid.  This helps cover the cost of officials, uniforms, and other costs associated with school activities. If this is a hardship please see your counselor
  • Maintain passing grades in all classes (see academic eligibility section above)
  • Athletes must attend a minimum of 8 practices  in order to be eligible to participate in events.
  • Must return all issued team uniforms.  If uniforms are not returned a fine/fee will be placed on the student account and the student will not be issued another uniform for any sport until returned or the fine is paid.  Replacement Fees

When competing at other schools, the district requires all athletes to travel to and from these events on district transportation. Only after completing the “Parent/Guardian Driver Approval Form” by the parent/guardian will a student be allowed to leave a match with their parent/guardian. Parents will not be able to transport students other than their own.

Questions? Contact:

Athletic Secretary, Tracy Van Halderan, 354.5445

Athletic Coordinator, Peter Ellis, at

8th Grade Boys Basketball - February 13, 2018 to March 28, 2018
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