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2018-2019 Timberlake After School Registration

Registration Deadline 09/04/2018


Academic Success Program: We have an academically focused program because we take your student's education seriously! Our Academic Success Program was designed in order to help your child succeed and grow in confidence in their education. TAS teachers support students with time-management, study skills and homework. We conduct a daily homework check to help ensure not merely the accuracy and completion of your student's homework, but also to check for their comprehension of it as well. Students are noticed and celebrated for their strengths and lovingly encouraged in their weaknesses. Our aim is that they will grow in confidence and take ownership in their educational journey and as young, growing students.

Accelerated Program 

This program is designed for students who need extended homework time or who have a high focus on academics. In this program, we will offer one-on-one and group tutoring as well as individual academic plans based on the students’ parents, school and TAS teachers. This group’s focus is to complete all school-assigned homework every day. After homework is completed, these students will join in on free time, clubs and activities. Weekly updates are sent to parents on a weekly basis. 

Adventure Program

Does your student need a break after a long day of school? If so, this is a good choice for them! Adventure club students will have a mix of free time, stations, clubs and activities as well as teacher-led homework time. This is a stress-free group of teachers who are focused on making sure that each child is having a good time as well as supporting their group of students with their individual homework needs.   

Clubs: Clubs give children a chance to sharpen their academic and social skills through a variety of themed activities. Students have a blast engaging with their teachers and peers in the unique club of the day. Our clubs are well-rounded and a different club is offered every day of the week. We also alter clubs every month in order to give students an opportunity to explore a variety of academic subjects, active games, sports, art, music, cooking and more! Each of our clubs provides students a chance to be a part of a group and create a sense of ownership within TAS. Check out our monthly academic calendar to learn about our current club offerings.

Before School Schedule

7:00-7:30  Drop Off and Free Time 

7:30-7:50  Breakfast

7:50-8:15  Bible

8:15-8:20   First Round Schools Leave (Rachel Carson, Rosa Parks, Samantha Smith)

8:20-8:45  Free Time (Alcott)

8:45-8:50  Second Round Schools Leave (Alcott) 

After School Schedule (Adventure)

3:30-4:15 Free Time

             3:30-3:40 First round students arrive

            4:00-4:10 Second Round students arrive

4:15-4:35  Snack 

4:35-5:00 Homework

5:00-5:30 Clubs/Stations

5:30-5:45 Recess

5:45-6:15 Free Time/Pick Up

After School Schedule (Accelerated)

3:30-4:15 Free Time

            3:30-3:40 First round students arrive

            4:00-4:10 Second Round students arrive

4:15-4:30  Snack


5:15-5:45 Clubs/Stations

5:45-6:00 Recess

6:00-6:15 Free Time/Pick Up

Tuition Information:

            After School-

5 Days: $495                 4 Days: $438                3 Days: $350                  2 Days: $237                     1 Day: $145


            Before School-

5 Days: $235               4 Days: $195               3 Days:            $180               2 Days:            $150               1 Day: $120


          Both Before and After School-

5 Days: $693               4 Days: $602               3 Days: $503               2 Days: $367               1 Day $252



      • Science, math, sports, arts & music clubs
      • Daily snack
      • Homework help
      • Wednesday early dismissal
      • Pick-up from school in Timberlake van

Required Enrollment Fees:
Registration Fee: $200.00 
$85 Activity Fee
$105 Full Day Fee

The activity fee covers all TAS CLUBS and Activities for the whole school year. This fee is required for all enrollments.
The full day fee covers all teachers LEAP days and some holidays. During these days TAS will be open from 8:00a to 6:00p. Winter, mid-winter and spring break are not included in this fee.

2018-2019 After School Enrollment - September 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019
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