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2018-2019 High School Unified Sports

Registration Deadline 11/26/2018


Dear Lyme-Old Lyme Parents/Guardians and potential Unified Sports Members,

Unified Sports is a registered program of Special Olympics that combines approximately equal numbers of athletes with and without disabilities, on sports teams for training and competition. All Unified Sports players, both athletes and partners, are similar age and matched sport skill ability. Unified Sports teams are placed in competitive divisions based on their skill abilities, and range from training divisions (with a skill-learning focus) to high skill competition.

The pioneer sports program was started in 1992 under the partnership between the CIAC and the Special Olympics Connecticut to expand athletic opportunities for students of all abilities. The Unified Sports program has grown rapidly, with over 3000 students participating last year in Connecticut alone.

Lyme-Old Lyme is starting their own Unified Sports program this this year. We are looking for athletes and parents who are interested in committing to one or two practices a week, along with competitions between other shoreline schools a few times a season, as well as, a few shoreline and state tournaments. Sports that will be included in the program will be soccer, basketball, volleyball, bowling and track and field. All Unified Sports athletes and partners will need to meet all the requirements for sport participation listed in the Athletic Handbook.

To be reviewed and completed by parent/guardians and the student athletes:

Before practice or participation in interscholastic events, all students are required to have a physical examination. This examination will suffice for all sports in which the student participates for one year from its date.

A student must attend classes on days when practice or games are scheduled unless the student has been given an excuse to be absent by the Principal.

A student suspended from school may not participate in any athletic contest until the suspension is lifted.

Since transportation to/from games is provided by the Board of Education, students may not use their own transportation to any contests unless permission is granted by the Principal. However, it is the student's responsibility to arrange transportation to/from practices for golf and co-operative track.

All students participating in interscholastic sports must be covered by insurance. A rider to the existing school policy is in effect when your child signs up for a team. This rider is sponsored by the Board of Education and pays only that portion of medical or doctor bills not covered by the family's insurance.

A student athlete and his/her parent/guardian must also read and sign Board of Education Policy #3600, "Extracurricular Activities Notification Acknowledgement" before an athlete can participate in practices or competitions.

High School Unified Sports - December 1, 2018 to June 15, 2019
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