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Welcome to Icicle River Middle School Athletics! It is our hope that all students will find a connection to activities/athletics in which they can participate and find enjoyment during their middle school careers. We encourage parents to actively support their children in both their academic and athletic pursuits; we promote education in both curricular and co-curricular activities.

Any student who participates in school-sponsored athletics or activities must agree to abide by the School District Board Policies, Administrative Rules, Code of Conduct, building rules, and team participation/training contracts. All students who participate in athletics and extracurricular activities are expected to be positive role models for other students and members of the community. Students should demonstrate good conduct at school and in the community at all times.

FALL Football - August 28, 2018 to October 24, 2018
FALL Volleyball - August 28, 2018 to October 24, 2018
FALL Cross Country - August 28, 2018 to October 24, 2018
WINTER Boys Basketball - October 29, 2018 to December 12, 2018
WINTER Girls Basketball - January 2, 2019 to February 14, 2019
WINTER Wrestling - January 28, 2019 to March 2, 2019
SPRING Softball - April 8, 2019 to May 18, 2019
SPRING Track - April 8, 2019 to May 18, 2019
Sports / Holding - August 28, 2018 to June 12, 2019
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