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2017 The Hive Summer Camp

Registration Deadline 07/05/2017

The BIG idea: Contemporary art in deCordova's 30-acre Sculpture Park and Museum galleries connects the hive’s weekly themes to real world ideas, unbounded creativity, and inspiring innovation. Each camper’s personal interests and unique abilities are welcomed and complement those of new friends. At the hive everyone learns from each other.

This summer we riff on the exciting Museum exhibition, Expanding Abstraction: New England Women Painters,1950 to Now. Like the artists, campers reimagine what they see on the ground, in the forest, and from outer space and create their own dynamic, collaborative Sculpture Park installations. The four weekly-themes are starting points to spark imaginative possibilities that campers make their own with each week's project! 

Week 1: July 10–14, 2017Cosmic Vistas and Space Adventures

9:30 am-4:30 pm (early drop-off available at 8:30 am)

WEEK 1 THEME:  Journey into the cosmos as campers explore galactic views seen through the windows of a rocket. Yeffe Kimball’s expansive, colorful and texture-rich painting Blue Space Concept provides a launching point for views of an out-of-this world adventure! Crags of glacial rock formations on deCordova’s campus and sculptures such as Robert Schelling’s otherworldly bronze boost exploration of textures and forms for inventive terrestrial and cosmic universes.

WEEK 1 PROJECT:  Campers will design a fuselage for space adventurers and create a cosmos for rocket travel. The galactic vistas visible through the spacecraft’s windows will be an interactive panoramic installation of planets, asteroid belts, far away stars, and even solar flares.

Week 2: July 17–21, 2017Pressing Pause on Nature

9:30 am-4:30 pm (early drop-off available at 8:30 am)

WEEK 2 THEME:  Picture lightning streaking through rolling storm clouds, waves crashing against a rocky shore, and leaves spiraling upward in a gust of wind. What would happen if we paused these motions at their height of movement? Inspired by Kristin Baker’s wave-like painting, campers will explore how natural forces appear when we hit the brakes.

WEEK 2 PROJECT:  Imagine a landslide of boulders, a waterfall of churning rapids, flowing lava, and an avalanche of snow racing down the hill alongside DeWitt Godfrey’s dynamic and monumental sculpture of rolling cylinders on deCordova’s Main Lawn. Forces of nature will be arrested in mid-flow and mid-collision. Campers will envision and construct what happens when flowing water meets falling rock, or liquid magma meets a bluff of snow!

Week 3: July 24-28, 2017Wild Design: Nature Meets Architecture

9:30 am-4:30 pm (early drop-off available at 8:30 am)

WEEK 3 THEME:  Wild nature invades architectural design as campers imagine what happens when the line between inside and outside begins to blur. Stephanie Cardon’s giant doorway transforms our experience of scale and nature. Whether we walk underneath the sculpture or view it from above, we notice abundant growth of vines, flowers, and trees.  The mysterious beauty of nature's repeating designs like those in Adria Arch’s shell triptych and patterns found throughout deCordova’s campus provide infinite possibility. 

WEEK 3 PROJECT:  Campers will construct rooms of a home with nature as both inspiration and medium. Patterned bark printed wallpaper is complemented by textured bark walls. Pine boughs become paintbrushes as well as protective roofs. Leaves are at once stitched together to create flowing walls and transformed to make decorative color. Campers will domesticate nature while unleashing innovative design in the Park!

Week 4: July 31-August 4, 2017Prismatic Parts: A Forest Reassembled

9:30 am-4:30 pm (early drop-off available at 8:30 am)

WEEK 4 THEME:  How can we reinvent a forest by taking it apart and putting it back together in exciting new ways? The exaggerated details and faceted views of Sherrill Edwards Hunnibell’s bark-like painting inspire creative experimentation in fracturing and rebuilding nature. Large-scale photographs of jungle ferns and desert soil printed on Letha Wilson’s steel sculpture provide a model in the Park for zooming in and zooming out on nearby plants and rocks as well as a dynamic form to inspire a restructuring of the landscape around us.

WEEK 4 PROJECT: Reconstructing the forest will begin by investigating our surroundings through varied lenses. Prisms will fracture and multiply forms. Microscopes will dramatically enlarge details. Reverse-ended binoculars will unexpectedly shrink the landscape. Reassembled branches, bark, and leaves can then be turned into uniquely designed trees, beaver dams, or even umbrellas. Inventive instruction books and recipes guide campers as they create new and surprising visions by reimagining familiar ingredients.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum for further information.