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2017-2018 Sierra High School Athletics Registration

Registration Deadline 06/01/2018

Dear Parent /Guardian,

We are happy you have expressed a desire to have your son/daughter participate in our athletic program at Sierra High School. As a valued member of an athletic team, you will have a unique opportunity to make lasting friendships, to develop your athletic skills, to understand the value and importance of commitment and cooperation, and to compete against student-athletes from other schools in the NSL (North Sequoia League), The Central Section, and CIF (California Interscholastic Federation). Every effort will be made to ensure that this experience is educationally worthwhile and enjoyable.

We believe the opportunity to participate in our athletic program is a privilege, not a right. Therefore all student-athletes are expected to maintain a high standard of behavior as well as academic excellence. In order to remain as an athlete in good standing, an athlete must meet the requirements and fulfill the responsibilities outlined in this Student-Athlete Agreement. Failure to adhere to the terms and conditions of this agreement could result in a loss of the student's athletic participation at Sierra High School.

In addition, parent support for these standards of excellence is needed to ensure that proper values are in place for our athletes as guidelines for their participation.


Student athletes must acquire athletic clearance in order to be able to practice and participate in any sport. Athletic clearance is attained when the student has completed the following requirements.

1. Proof of a physical examination conducted by medical personnel.

Every athlete at Sierra High School and Sierra Junior High needs to be cleared to participate by a physician every year before they are allowed to participate in athletics. This must take place prior to practicing with your sport. You will need all three physical forms before going to your physical appointment. The physical forms are in 'Links' on the right side of this registration form, or they can be picked up at the school from Teri Harrison. For your convenience, below is a list of options:

  • Dr. Barbara Stewart: Call for appt. and pricing, 855-3601
  • Central California Urgent Care: No appt. necessary, $45, Hours M-F 1:30-8:30--S-S 9am-5pm, 438-8889
  • Clovis Urgent Care: No appt. necessary, $69, Hours M-F 7am-7pm--S-S 9am-5pm, 294-1162
  • Peachwood Urgent Care: No appt. necessary, $45, Hours T-TH 11am-7pm-- 324-6201
  • Willow Urgent Care: No appt. necessary, $40, Hours M-S 9am-7pm, Sun 10am-6pm, 324-0911

2. Fill out the online registration form on this website.

Online registration for this program is currently closed/unavailable. Please contact Sierra High School/Sierra Junior High School Athletics for further information.