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How It Works

The Safer Way to Get Registrations

FamilyID delivers the highest level of trust and security.

  • Data is backed up continually throughout each day.
  • Access is password protected.
  • Data is encrypted using SSL/TLS.
  • Servers are protected by firewalls and virus protection.

World Class Data Security

With FamilyID, you can count on the most sophisticated data security for your organization and for your registrants. By choosing FamilyID for online registration, you provide your registrants more than convenience, but also piece of mind about the security and safety of their personal information.

FamilyID is designed from the ground up to be a safer way to register for programs.

Secure Payments Through World Class Payment Partners

We offer payment processing through PayPal and Stripe, so you get immediate payment directly into your PayPal or Stripe account. FamilyID does not collect or store financial information.

For K-12 Schools
We also offer payment processing through MySchoolBucks, the leading payment platform for K–12 schools. Please contact us at 1-888-800-5583 ext. 2 for more information about using FamilyID at your school.

Industry Leading Encryption Methods

Safeguarding your registration information and the personal information of your participants is one of our most important priorities. We automatically encrypt all sensitive information sent to and from our servers.

Guarding Against Identity Theft

To help safeguard your registrants against identity theft, every registration through FamilyID is followed by an email confirming their transaction.

Your Computer

When registering or logging in to our site, we verify that your browser is running Secure Socket Layer 3.0 (SSL) or higher.

In Transit

Information is protected using encryption for the transport layer (SSL/TLS) and all user passwords are encrypted. In addition to encryption during transit, data stored in FamilyID databases is fully encrypted while at rest.

Highly Secure and Scalable Servers

FamilyID utilizes the world-class security, dependability, and scalability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store your personal information. Our platform leverages the same infrastructure that supports the retail site.

FamilyID is the secure way for you to collect registrations and payments.