Here at FamilyID, we don’t need a groundhog to tell us when Spring is approaching.

We know Spring is in the air because so many of our schools and community organizations are opening their Spring Sports programs on FamilyID.

Getting a jump on collecting registrations for your upcoming Spring programs is a great idea. One Athletics Director even reported receiving 100% of his student-athlete registrations by the deadline, a week before tryouts! (oh, how that warms our hearts...)

Want the skinny on some best practices before setting up your Spring program on FamilyID? Read our tips below!

Join a live (and brief) webinar

Did you know our team hosts live webinars each week with morning, afternoon and evening sessions. Most sessions are only 20 minutes long. 


Learn about best practices, new features and all the best tricks to save you time, make you look like a hero, and make your whole registration process a breeze. For information on how to join a webinar, email or call 1-888-800-5583 ext. 3.

Starting a new season? Don’t start from scratch!

Use the ‘CLONE’ feature to create a copy of your most recent registration form in just minutes. If you have already completed a Fall or Winter sports season on FamilyID, then the ‘CLONE’ feature is the most simple and efficient way to create a new program on FamilyID. Learn more about our ‘CLONE’ feature by reading our short Help Article.

Creating a brand new program just become (even more) effortless.

What if we told you we made it even easier to create a registration form for your program with a click of a button? Well, we did! Your Program Template awaits.


FamilyID now offers dozens of templates for all kinds of programs. They are flexible, functional, and super easy to edit and customize. Create any program your heart desires...sports, arts, coaches, AP exams, marching band, class trip, activities, tryouts. Instantly. Read more here at our Help Article.

New season? Shout it from the rooftops with bulk email!

Your program is ready to open. Now it’s time to let your participants know about it! With FamilyID, you can now email your participants in bulk right from the system. 

  • Email hundreds of registrants at a time from your registrations list or report. 
  • Create your own subject line. 
  • Format and add links to the body text of your email. 
  • Specify "who" the email is from using the 'From' field. 
  • Assign an email address where any replies to the email will be sent using the 'Reply To' field. 

For more information about this feature, read our handy Help Article.

Collecting Payments

Want to accept payments directly through FamilyID? Well, we’ve got great news!

FamilyID is now integrated with payment providers like PayPal, Stripe and MySchoolBucks, one of the leading payment processors in the United States. That means you can streamline your entire registration process and collect all payments in one easy to manage place.  

Click the links below for further information about setting up payments with:




Want a second set of eyes to review your program and registration form set-up?

Our pleasure! Every single one of us is here to help you run an efficient program. Our Support Team team is available seven days a week to answer your questions, listen to your requests and help you through the process of setting up your program on FamilyID.

  • Call 1-888-800-5583 ext. 3

The Help Desk is available Mon–Fri from 8am to 9pm EST and on Sat–Sun from 9am-8pm EST. In very busy seasons our phone lines can get pretty busy. When that happens, we can't encourage you enough to please do leave us a voice mail. We answer 100% of our messages within a couple of hours (and usually much faster than that.)

Happy (almost) Spring! And happy (almost) birthday to Rochelle's mom, whose birthday happens to be on Groundhog Day. 

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