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The West Bridgewater Athletic program strives to develop the skills, values, attitudes and competitive spirit that will help students become functioning, contributing members of society. The Athletic program should not be thought of as an entity unto itself, but rather, as an integral part of the total educational experience. Student athletes at West Bridgewater are required to maintain acceptable academic standards. To ensure that our athletes are performing in the classroom as well as on the field, the teaching faculty monitors and reports student progress to the coaching staff.

The elements of winning and competition, though they do exist, do not determine the nature of our program. While students are encouraged to excel, the primary focus of West Bridgewater Athletics has always been to instill in its athletes the principles of sportsmanship and to enhance the educational value of competition.

It is often asked, “What values are derived from athletic competition?” Aside from the obvious physical benefits, participation in athletic competition teaches students the meaning and value of sportsmanship, discipline, cooperation and commitment.

Athletic competition requires the athlete to trust teammates and cope with opponents. Students learn to deal with the reality of victory and defeat much as they will have to in their personal lives upon graduation in our competitive society.

Athletics also requires participants to be self-disciplined. Athletes must conform to a set of rules and regulations in order to participate and reach their desired goals. In a society that is becoming increasingly permissive, athletics requires discipline. 

The saying “no chain is stronger than its weakest link”, can be directly related to the team concept. Athletics teaches that life is a cooperative and competitive experience. Whether one becomes a doctor, teacher, carpenter, or postman, it is through this experience that one learns the meaning of dedication and sacrifice.

We at West Bridgewater believe that participation in athletic experiences contributes to the development of cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills that cannot be accounted for anywhere else in the educational process.

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