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Official Start of Waterford High School Fall Sports 2020 (.PDF version)

August 28, 2020

Dear student-athletes and families:

There continues to be a great deal of discussion, information and, potentially, misinformation about the upcoming fall sports season, specifically how it relates to football and volleyball.  At this time, the Department of Public Health (DPH) and the CT Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) are in agreement about how to proceed over the next few weeks regarding all fall sports, so we will continue to follow their directive.  We will begin fall sport practices on August 29, 2020 for all sports. All practices will be restricted to low-risk conditioning and non-contact sport specific skill work, in cohorts of 10, not to exceed one hour per cohort. The current plan is for this structure to remain in place until at least September 20, 2020.  

In the DPH’s latest letter to the CIAC (August 23, 2020), it does not recommend playing volleyball as a moderate-risk indoor sport, nor football as a high-risk outdoor sport. “DPH encourages CIAC to work with their coaches, athletic directors, and board members to consider modifications to both girls' volleyball and football that would allow them to be played consistent with the standards that define either 'lower risk' or outdoor 'moderate risk' sports as categorized by the National Federation of State High School Associations.” Recommended changes include volleyball played outside and football changed to a 7v7 game which does not involve tackling and line play. 

The CIAC’s current position regarding volleyball is the following, “During the period between August 29th and September 20th, the CIAC will monitor COVID metrics and notify our schools whether it will be appropriate to move to moderate risk full team practices. Additionally, during this period the CIAC will determine whether it is safe for volleyball players to wear masks during practice and competition to mitigate COVID risk to a lower level. Games/Contests will begin on October 1 for all sports, if supported by COVID metrics.” 

The CIAC’s current position regarding football is the following, “During the period between August 29th and September 13th, the CIAC will monitor COVID metrics and notify our schools whether it will be appropriate to move to moderate risk small cohort (10) activities. This would include limited contact in the small cohorts. During the period between September 13th and September 20th, the CIAC will monitor COVID metrics and notify our schools whether it will be appropriate to move to high-risk football activities. Game/Contests will begin on October 1 for all sports, if supported by COVID metrics. The CIAC will collaborate with member school administrators, athletic directors, and coaches to determine the latest date that a decision would need to be made on moving from 11 v 11 football to moderate or low risk football experiences.” 

Although the CIAC plans to continue to address football and volleyball with DPH until they have a common position, we are concerned that these two agencies may not come to a consensus and we want our student-athletes, coaches and families to be aware of this possibility. If the two agencies remain apart on football and volleyball, this will put Boards of Education around the state in a problematic position.  It is our hope that the two agencies can reach resolution on these two sports specifically.

There will be a parent meeting via the district YouTube channel on September 6, 2020 at 6pm. I will be reviewing our Waterford Fall Sports Reopening Plan as well as other important information related to the fall season. I will be answering questions via this link (QUESTIONS LINK), so please submit your questions prior to or during the presentation. 

As you have heard numerous times. The current situation is fluid and changes can and will occur on a weekly and even daily basis. We will keep our registered athletes and families informed throughout as information becomes available.

Thank you in advance for your continued support during this time.


Chris Landry

Waterford Public Schools

Director of Athletics and Student Activities



Following is the link to the CIAC website

Coaches will be in contact with student-athletes regarding non-contact conditioning workouts.

Welcome to Waterford High School Athletics.

A comprehensive and balanced inter-scholastic athletic program is an integral part of the total educational process. While the high school athletic program serves as an arena for the student-athlete to display his/her talents, student athletes must in turn, be willing to accept the responsibility to self, to team, and to school. The value of athletics as an educational tool provides opportunities for mastery of established learning outcomes and exciting skills. The student-athlete will demonstrate self-discipline, emotional control and the ideals of good sportsmanship. The student-athlete will be given opportunities and experience to develop healthy self-esteem. The student-athlete will demonstrate ethical qualities and be capable of taking his/her place in society. These are the goals of the athletic department.
Participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege, not a right.

Please note: A current physical examination is required to be on file with us BEFORE participation in any tryout, practice, or contest in interscholastic athletics at Waterford High School. In accordance with the policy of the Waterford Board of Education and the CIAC, the physical examination for fall sports is valid for 15 months15 MONTHS IS A TEMPORARY EXTENSION ALLOWED FOR THE FALL 20-21 SEASON ONLY (Physicals are normally valid for 13 months). No athlete may legally participate until they have medical clearance (as verified by the school R.N.) and parental permission. Please contact the nurse's office at 860-437-6956, if you have any questions or concerns.

Parents/Guardians are responsible for filling out this registration form completely and ensuring that any and all medical information concerning your child's health, medical concerns, injuries, medications and allergies are reported to the nurse.


If for any reason you need to update your medical information mid-season, i.e., date of last tetanus shot, change of emergency contact, or a head injury occurs, you may do so by logging into your account and editing the proper section. Updates to the registrant section are very important in maintaining the correct information on your child.

Please note that some programs do make cuts depending on the number of players trying out.  Players should show up in shape and ready to demonstrate their ability and skill.

Understand that dates/times/schedules listed below are accurate as of August 21rd and are subject to change based on the current fluid COVID-19 conditions in CT. 

Helpful Links:

CIAC Resocialization of Athletics Guidance Brochure

CIAC 20-21 Fall Sports Plan

CIAC Athletic Handbook 2019-2020

ECC Athletics Webpage


Please refer to the current CIAC 20-21 Fall Sports Plan for information regarding conditioning/practice dates for each sport.  CIAC 20-21 Fall Sports Plan


All students interested in sideline cheerleading at WHS should contact me as soon as possible to obtain information about tryouts. Coach Kirsten can be reached at KirstenNECA@gmail.comFollow WHS Cheerleading @KirstenCoach on Twitter and @waterfordcheerleading on Instagram!


Volleyball contact:  Coach Maynard at 


Coach Quiles may be reached during the summer at


Coach Ghiglia may be reached during the summer at  Updates and info may also be found using the Twitter feed @lancersgsoc. We use the Remind App for all team correspondence so if you are not receiving info please let him know.


Coach Josh can be reached this summer at Follow the team on Instagram @waterfordboyssoccer


 If you have any questions, please contact Coach Arnold by email at   IMPORTANT--All parents and team members are encouraged to sign up for team text messages.  We use a service called Remind.  It does not allow me to see your numbers.  I will only see your name.  This has proved to be a valuable communication tool.  Please text the number 81010 and in the message box type @waterfo and follow the directions in the return text.   


Contact Coach Strecker at to be added to the Remind App. All team communications run through Remind. Look for @waterfordfootball on Instagram and @whslancerfb on Twitter


Please email me at  if you intend on joining cross country in the fall. This will enable me to send you important information prior to the season. 

If the program you are looking for is closed or not listed, Click Here to contact the organization.