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The Union Township School District is committed to providing a co-curricular program that serves as a vital component of the overall learning experience for students.  As an integral part of the education program, athletics offer “real life” experiences providing unique opportunities for students to learn valuable lessons including; the value of competition, learning to win with grace and lose with dignity, the importance of setting goals and developing plans to attain those goals, and commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. Additionally, athletics will help to instill essential values in students, including discipline, teamwork, dedication, responsibility, fairness, and trustworthiness.  Through participation in the Union Athletic Program, students will build a healthy self-awareness and a healthy body and mind that will serve them well in all aspects of their lives.


  • We believe that Athletics must be a learning-based program that always put the needs of student-athletes first.
  • We believe that Athletics are a means to an end and are conducted primarily as preparation for life.
  • We believe that coaches are educators first and foremost and must be highly qualified and continuously trained.
  • We believe that coaches serve as role models for the young men and women they lead.
  • We believe that winning should be a byproduct of doing things “the right way” rather than believing that it is important to win at all costs.
  • We believe that every reasonable effort should be made to support Athletic Programs with the best facilities, equipment, and with the most qualified staff available.
  • We believe that a successful Athletic Program requires the cooperation, commitment, and support of the Board of Education, Administration, coaches, parents, students, and community.
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