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The East Williston School District is a small K-12 school system which prides itself on an individualized and personalized approach to educating its students. Classes of instruction are relatively small; student support services are strong; and the curricular and co-curricular programs are diverse. The pursuit of academic excellence in this district reflects the deep belief that all students can learn and that all students deserve high-quality instruction in the classroom. It also means that there are high academic expectations in terms of the basic literacies. The educational program is geared to encourage critical thinking and a love of learning. East Williston is a comprehensive K-12 school district with over 1800 students enrolled in three schools: North Side School, grades K-4; Willets Road School, grades 5-7; and The Wheatley School, grades 8-12. An experienced faculty of approximately 185 teachers serves a full range of pupils.
Mission Statement
Our schools exist to nurture the best in each child morally, intellectually, socially, artistically, emotionally and physically. Specifically, we seek to encourage respect for individual human worth and acceptance of difference, an open and curious mind armed with the ability to think critically and to consider ideas in the light of values, and a responsible pursuit of personal excellence and knowledge. We expect our schools to be humane and supportive environments where the growth of learners is more important than judgments of them. We expect our schools to meet the needs of the rich variety of human potential so that each child may emerge more able to lead a happy, productive adult life.

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