The Special Needs Parent Cafe

Family Support & Wellness Coaching for Parents and Caregivers

The Special Needs Parent Café offers family support and coaching services to parents and caregivers raising children with special needs. Our focus, however, is on the wellness and sustainability of the parents. While there are many services and supports for children with special needs, there are few to support the wellness and resilience of parents.
As parents and family members of children and adults with special needs, we understand first-hand, the many responsibilities and challenges that go into raising a child with special needs - as well as our typically-developing children, maintaining a relationship with a spouse or partner, and trying to maintain employment. There leaves little time, if any, for you!  The level of stress endured on a daily basis is often very high, and our energy and vitality are often low. Yet, like the "energizer bunny", we keep on going. But what toll does this take on you, your relationships, and the life you envisioned for yourself?
The Special Needs Parent Café addresses the needs and concerns of parents raising children with special needs through coaching protocols, wellness strategies, topical workshops, parent events and our online newsletter to support the desired outcomes of our families. 
Our Services include:(1) Individual/Family Wellness Coaching(2) Transition Planning - Free Workshops(3) Special Needs Financial Planning - Free Workshops(4) Parent Connection Events(5) Free E-newsletter
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