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Technology Department - Pequea Valley School District

Where Each Learner Counts

Parents of learners attending Pequea Valley can now register for programs and conveniently make payments online through PayPal. Select the program(s) from the list available at the bottom of this page. Once a family has registered for one program, demographic information is retained for future registrations, making the process faster for families.

The Pequea Valley School District will strive to create an environment that inspires each learner to excel.

Belief Statements
1. Learning occurs when a positive relationship is developed with each PV learner.
2. Learning occurs when the environment is focused around autonomy, mastery, and purpose.
3. Learning will occur in flexible environments.
4. Learning is a collaborative activity.
5. Learning occurs when associated with a child's interest, strengths, and zone of proximal development.
6. Learning will allow EACH PV learner to receive their "first choice."
7. Learning occurs at different paces and rates.

There currently are no programs published for this organization
If the program you are looking for is closed or not listed, Click Here to contact the organization.