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Sturgis Charter Public School East Athletics

Home of the Storm

Sturgis Charter Public School is committed to providing a world class, International Baccalaureate education to all students. Consistent with that mission is providing a world class educational athletic experience to all students. 

Athletics is one of the cornerstones of student activities at Sturgis. We believe that the athletic program at Sturgis should reflect and support the school’s mission and core values. Athletics contributes significantly to the total development of every student. Sturgis serves our students through two distinct, yet mutually supportive programs: Varsity and Junior Varsity Programs.

Sports Play A Key Role In The I.B. Program

Sport is integral to individual, social, and cultural development. At Sturgis, we understand that sports help students develop lifetime values.


When being involved with a sports team athletes show commitment to both their teammates and their coaches. Going to practice, being prepared for games, and supporting their fellow teammates are all integral to the commitment required to play.


Sportsmanship teaches students to respect their opponents and each other even in the spirit of competition. This lesson is valuable on and off the field as it teaches students the importance of ethical behavior.


Any athlete at Sturgis is also balancing a rigorous academic workload. Balancing both interests is difficult and time-consuming. When a student is responsible to both teachers and coaches, they learn how to best manage their time and their energy to excel in both.


Teamwork is a lesson that students will carry with them for the rest of their lives. When playing on a sports team, students learn the importance of working through their differences in pursuit of a common goal. 

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