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St. John Bosco High School


The St. John Bosco High School Athletic Department was established and exists to offer lessons in spirituality, stamina and teamwork. Our interscholastic program teaches the Salesian qualities of sacrifice, self-discipline and dedication.

These character-building tools -- along with perseverance, the desire to play fairly and grace in winning and losing -- further the school's goal of fostering individual growth and physical activity, which lead to mental and physical health. The Braves compete in the Trinity League, recognized as the most competitive league in California.

We offer 13 CIF-sponsored sports and 2 Club Sports with 40 separate teams. 75% of our student population participates in one or more of our sports, and six of our 13 CIF-sponsored sports are "non-cut," giving all student-athletes an opportunity to participate.

At all times, the program is supportive of the Salesian Educational System, which emphasizes the concepts of teaching and serving youth while incorporating the all-important tenants of religion, reason, and kindness.

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