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The Somerset Academy Panther Athletic Handbook outlines all of the rules, regulations, requirements, and guidelines for a student’s participation in extra-curricular team sports.  This handbook is currently being reviewed by the Somerset Academy Board of Directors, and may be changed at any time upon resolution by the board.  Parents will be notified of any changes to this handbook through a memorandum.  Changes will also be posted at

Please take the opportunity to thoroughly review the contents of this handbook carefully.  The rules and regulations contained in this handbook will be enforced for all students participating in any Somerset Panther Athletic activities.  If you have any questions, please contact Athletic Director, Ed Miller at or (954) 442-0233 ext.737.  We look forward to a winning year of Somerset Panther Athletics.


We offer all eligible students an opportunity to cultivate his/her skills and talents through participation in athletics.  We will instill in our athletes a perspective of teamwork, commitment, respect, self-discipline, and a positive work ethic.  Coaches will approach each season with a TEAM philosophy, while being competitive during all games.

(Together Everyone Achieves More).


  • Participation in athletics is a privilege, not a right.  The athlete must earn this privilege through dedication, desire, and discipline.  In order to achieve athletic excellence, the student/athlete must discipline himself or herself to be:
  1. 1. A positive role model to peers.
  2. 2. Behaving appropriately at all times.
  3. 3. Demonstrating and maintaining academic eligibility.



  • At the beginning of each season, the Somerset athletic staff and coaches will try to accept all players in grades six through twelve interested in completing.  However, should our team enrollment reach a point where the coaches cannot work effectively or safely, Somerset athletics will try to offer a second team   (team B) for the same season.  Should a second team not be possible, for any reason, a tryout and cut system will be initiated.  Tryouts for each team will be based on talent, size, speed, effort, and behavior. The head coach is responsible for the selection of the team players.  


  • Attendance at practice is mandatory.  If circumstances arise whereby a student cannot attend a practice, the coach must be notified before the practice by personal contact, a phone call, or a written statement from the parents or guardian.
  • Any athlete who cuts practice, fails to appear for a game, fails to make scheduled team meetings, or fails to attend school on a game day or practice days may not be allowed to participate in any game or games at the discretion of the Head Coach or Athletic Director.
  • Unexcused absences from practices, games or meetings may result in removal from all athletics.
  • All athletes must attend all classes.  Athletes delinquent in class attendance or consistently tardy are subject to disciplinary action.


  • To be eligible for athletics, the athlete must be in compliance with the guidelines set by the Florida High School Activities Association.  The guidelines for each sport are published by the FHSAA and are on file and posted in the Athletic Director’s Office.
  • The Athletic Director and coaches will monitor academic performance and behavior on a regular basis.  Coaches will be informed of all concerns pertaining to grades, effort, and conduct of the student athlete.  If the semester grade point average falls below a 2.5, the athlete will be placed on athletic probation and may be allowed to participate based upon a decision by the athletic director.  If the athlete’s cumulative un-weighted grade point average falls below a 2.0, the athlete will not be allowed to participate.
  • It is required that athletes have all 1’s in effort on their report card or they may be placed on athletic probation.
  • Athletes placed on any type of disciplinary action may not participate in games or practices until the actions or infractions have been satisfied.
  • Athletes may only participate when all required medical, eligibility, hold harmless, and transportation forms have been filed out for each season.
  • All of the athlete’s paper work and fees must be turned in to the Athletic Director before the first day of practice for specified sport.
  • The school and its athletic department reserve the right to drug-test students participating in extra-curricular activities.  If a student fails a drug-test performed by or on behalf of Somerset and/or its athletic department, the student shall no longer be eligible to participate in any extra-curricular school program (includes all clubs, service organizations, athletics, yearbook, newspaper, etc.) at Somerset for the remainder of his/her educational career at Somerset Academy (i.e., if a middle school student fails a drug-test, then that student shall be ineligible throughout end of the child’s 12th grade at Somerset Academy for any extra-curricular activities).
  • Any student who receives a suspension from school may not participate or finish the current or upcoming season.


  • It is recommended that all athletes participate in more than one sport, however athletes can only participate in one sport per season.  Once an athlete begins a season training period of one sport, he/she may not quit to join another sport during the same season.  Any athlete who quits a sport to participate in another sport shall be subject to being withheld from all participation until the end of the sport season.  No athlete may participate in a second sport (next seasonal sport) until being cleared from the first sort by obtaining a written release from that coach and approved by the Athletic Director.  When released, the athlete is free to try out for any sport of his/her choice during the tryout period.  The head coach of that sport has the right to determine if an athlete is skillful enough to remain on the team.


  • An athlete is constantly in the eye of the public, and as such becomes a representative of the school and is considered to be in position of leadership.  Athletes are expected to dress and comply fully with the Somerset Academy uniform dress code at all times during school hours and when attending school-sponsored activities.  Lack of adherence to these rules can result in the athlete being suspended from practice and/or games.  Failure to comply after written notification can result in suspension and/or removal from the team. 
  • For all practices, the athlete must be in proper Somerset Academy physical education uniform.  Before each practice the athlete will be able to change into said uniform.
  • For all competitions, the athlete must be in the proper uniform, ready to compete.  Before each game, the athlete will be able to change into said uniform.
  • Failure to comply with the above can result in suspension from the team and/or removal from the team.


All athletes are required to replace lost team gear/uniform or gear/uniform damaged, by payment to replace the lost or damaged article(s).  A financial obligation will be issued to each student athlete when the uniform is distributed and enforced until the full payment is received or uniform is returned.


All athletes are to have a fully completed & signed FHSAA Physical Examination Form on file before taking part in any team practices or competitions.  Doctor’s physicals may not expire during the date span of participation per sport. Forms are in this packet.


  • Assume no financial or legal responsibility for injuries occurring to any athlete or costs associated with treatment.
  • Reserve the right to seek medical attention for all athletes should an emergency arise while under our supervision.
  • Reserve the right to test student participating in extra-curricular activities for banned and/or illegal substances.  Refusal to participate may result in removal from the athletics program.  A positive result for banned/illegal substances may result in removal from the athletics program, as well as further administrative consequences.


  • An athlete is expected to govern his/her conduct in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Somerset Academy Student Handbook and any violations of the student’s obligations can result in removal from competitive athletics. 


  • Athletic awards are given in recognition of outstanding athletic achievement and service to the school. In all cases, students must complete the entire season, as a member of the team, in order to be eligible for any award.
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