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We believe that the program of interscholastic athletics is an integral part of the total educational structure. Although participation in the program of interscholastic athletics is voluntary, the individual is of prime importance. We believe that participants should have varied sports experiences; commensurate with their interests and abilities, and that they should have complete freedom of choice in selecting activities.

We believe that the coaches of athletic activities must assume a major role in the molding of youth in their charge. The coach must instill in his players the belief that athletics develop self-confidence, respect for rules, lasting friendships, and positive response to discipline. The coach must expose them to the value of teamwork, and communicate the ability that teamwork is needed to be successful, to be humble in victory, and to learn from defeat. Coaches must insist upon ethical behavior and good citizenship not only on the athletic field, but also in school, in the classroom, in the home, and in the community. In summary, the coach must want all players to be successful as much as possible and to make them realize through athletics some of the important rules of life.

The primary aims for interscholastic athletics are development of desirable traits in the individual, optimal participation, and fulfillment of competitive desires. Winning of championships should transpire as an outgrowth of ethical coaching and competition.

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