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Varsity Program Philosophy:

Varsity competition is the culmination of each sports program. It is possible for any student in grades 7-12 to play at this level. It is possible but rare for a junior high level student to be included on the varsity roster. The process is called Athletic Placement Process.

At this point in our program we do not have a cut policy based on performance, however a student can be released based on attendance or behavior. While contest participation over the course of a season is desirable, a specified amount of playing time at the varsity level is never guaranteed.

A sound attitude and advance level of skill are prerequisites for a position on a varsity team, as is the realization that a varsity sport requires a six day-a-week commitment including vacations and holidays.

The varsity coach is the leader of that sports program and determines the system of instruction and strategy for that program.

Junior Varsity Program Philosophy:

The junior varsity level is intended for those who display the potential of continued development into productive varsity level performers and for those who do not have the skills to compete at the varsity level regardless of grade level. Please note that juniors and seniors can compete at the JV level (except in football).

The realization that practice sessions are important is a premise that is vital to a successful program. For all team members, meaningful contest participation will exist however a specified amount of playing time is never guaranteed. Participants at this level are preparing themselves for the six-day-a-week commitment that is expected at the junior varsity level. Members of a junior varsity programs may be brought up to the varsity as needed and determined by varsity coach in consultation with junior varsity coach.

Modified Program Philosophy; - This program is available to all students in the seventh and eighth grades. Sport activities offered are determined by the existence of leagues, student interest, and the relationship to the high school program. At this level, the focus is on learning athletic skills and game rules, fundamentals of team play, socio-emotional growth, and healthy competition.

At the middle school level, it is our goal to provide a well planned and well-balanced program for as many students as possible. Ultimately, the teams and size of the squad in any sport will be determined by the availability of:
1) financial resources
2) qualified coaches
3) suitable facilities
4) a safe environment.

Practice sessions are vital. The New York State Public High School Athletic Association publishes regulations by which practice sessions are governed. Vacation recess practices are not regularly scheduled at the middle school. Opportunities for meaningful contest participation for each team member will exist every game over the course of a season.

The amount of playing time will be based on the number of team members and the rules governing that sport (five period format).

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