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The goal of the MYNDERSE ACADEMY athletic program is for athletes, coaches, and parents to work together and strive to develop a spirit of healthy competition and respect for coaches, officials, competitors, and oneself. We hope our student athletes understand the value of sportsmanship, develop a commitment to their team, promote honesty, integrity & fair play & the enjoyment of athletics, and create constructive relationships with peers and adults

Interscholastic athletics promotes the development of leadership, goal-setting, citizenship, organizational skills, and communication as well as develop individual talents to their fullest potential. It is our mission to develop character, responsibility, and accountability for one’s own actions while teaching rules, strategies, and appreciation of respective sports


  1. 1. Varsity – To compete at the highest level, with sportsmanship, dignity, and school pride. Playing time is dependent on skill level. Practices may be on Saturdays, during holiday breaks, etc.
  2. 2. Junior Varsity – A competitive developmental program, with competing at a high level a goal but not the only goal, as skill-building and sportsmanship are the integral parts of this level of play. It should be a time where there is a balance between competition and player development, and where at some points during contests game strategy takes precedence over equal playing time. Playing time is encouraged for all, but not guaranteed.
  3. 3.  Modified (grades 7,8, sometimes 9) – All players play; the teaching of sports, skill-building, sportsmanship, athletics as part of a balanced educational experience, and respect for authority is stressed over winning. Playing time may not always be equal, but every player must play in each contest.
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