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San Joaquin Memorial High School


In accordance with the San Joaquin Memorial High School educational philosophy, Memorial regards athletics as an educational activity that consciously develops and contributes to the student-athlete's growth as a Catholic-Christian. All coaches will accept the student-athlete as a unique individual, and assist the student-athlete in developing the skills of teamwork, sportsmanship, the desire to win--tempered with the ability to deal with defeat, along with the Christian values associated with living and working with others. The coach shall exemplify, by personal example and by modeling appropriate behavior for the student-athlete, the Catholic-Christian values the student-athlete will develop with their involvement within our program. The success of the athletic program at San Joaquin Memorial should be evaluated in terms of the student-athlete's Catholic-Christian growth as a team member.

Competition is an integral part of the American way of life. Unfortunately, all too frequently, the current sports environment often does not reflect Christian values during competition. Thus, there is a need for the implementation of an "Ethics Code" to provide guidance for the coaches and administration responsible for the oversight of the San Joaquin Memorial Athletic Program. The involvement in Catholic-Christian interscholastic athletic activities should assist participants in developing:

  • An ability to keep sports competition, and associated activities, in the proper Catholic-Christian perspective.
  • A desire to develop and properly utilize God-given physical and mental abilities.
  • A willingness to accept responsibility as an individual competitor, and as a contributing team member.
  • An ability to properly control emotions during periods of stress.
  • An appreciation of the efforts of others, whether they be teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, or spectators (good sportsmanship).
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