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a. Rio Linda High School believes that a dynamic program of student activities is vital to the educational development of the student.

The Rio Linda High School Athletic Program should provide a variety of experiences to enhance the development of positive student habits and attitudes that will prepare them for adult life in a democratic society.

Athletics should function as an integral part of the total curriculum.

It should offer opportunities to serve the institution, to assist in the development of positive relationships and good will, to promote self-realization, all-around growth, and good citizenship qualities.

b. Athletics plays an important part in the life of Rio Linda High School.

Young people learn a great deal from participation in interscholastic athletics.

Lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, competition and how to win and lose gracefully are integral parts of our athletic program.

Athletic participation also plays an important part in helping students develop a healthy self-concept as well as a healthy body.

Athletic competition also improves school spirit and helps students develop pride in their school.

c. The major objective of the program is to provide wholesome opportunities for students to develop positive leadership habits and attitudes of social and group interaction.

Coaching leadership should be of the highest quality and should provide athletes with examples of exemplary behavior.

Measurement of leadership success should not be measured in terms of the tangible evidence of the victories and defeats.

Instead character, courage and integrity should be major objectives of the athletic program.

The athletic program should always be consistent with the general objectives of the school.

The athletic administration should be oriented to general policies of the institution.

At no time should the program place the total educational curriculum secondary in emphasis; program leaders should constantly strive for the development of well-rounded individuals, capable of taking their place in modern society.

d. We believe that the opportunity for participation in a wide variety of student-selected activities is a vital part of a student's educational experiences.

Such participation is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the school, to the activity, to other students, to the community and to the athletes themselves.

These experiences contribute to the development of learning skills and emotional patterns that enable the student to achieve maximum benefit from his or her education.

Rio Linda High School student activities are considered a supplement to the school's academic program which strives to provide experiences that will help to develop students physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

e. The interscholastic athletic program shall be conducted in accordance with existing Board of Education policies, rules and regulations.

While the Board of Education takes great pride in winning, it does not condone "winning at any cost" and discourages any and all pressures which might tend to neglect good sportsmanship and good mental health.

At all times, the athletic program must be conducted in such a way so as to justify it as an educational activity.

f. A comprehensive and balanced athletics program is an essential complement to the basic program of instruction.

The athletics program should provide opportunities for youth to further develop interests and talents in sports.

Participation in these activities should provide many students with a lifetime basis for personal values, for work and leisure activities.

Every effort should be made to support the athletics program with the best facilities, equipment and with the most qualified staff available.

Insofar as possible, knowledge and skills gained in classes should be applied and further developed through participation in the athletics program.

Coaches should also teach the specific skills necessary for improvement in activities and provide guidance in the development of self-realization, good sportsmanship, cooperation, leadership, ethical behavior, and an appreciation for the importance of practice.

The ultimate goals of the athletics program should be: 1) to realize the value of participation without overemphasizing the importance of winning or excelling, and 2) to develop and improve positive citizenship traits among the program's participants.

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