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Richards Middle School


It is our mission to provide opportunities for students to achieve their personal best, become responsible and productive citizens, and embrace lifelong learning in a safe and positive environment. We believe all children can learn and excel with developmentally appropriate materials, practices, and strategies. School is not just about children: it encompasses families, parents, community, stakeholders, society, the environment and beyond.

Fraser Public Schools invites you to take advantage of a unique learning experience by participating on an athletic team. This learning experience is unique because it offers educational opportunities that are not readily available in the classroom.

We emphasize the participation aspect of the program. By participating, our student athletes learn the necessary skills to work effectively with others, solve problems, and be productive and contributing members of society. They also develop the following employability skills:

1. TEAMWORK SKILLS - Learning to:  work with people in authority, develop team and individual goals, function in changing work settings and work groups, solve problems in a group setting, work with and respect different ethnic groups, and exercise give-and-take to achieve group results.

2. PERSONAL MANAGEMENT SKILLS - Learning to: be punctual, value sportsmanship, be responsible, exercise self control, react appropriately in competitive, stressful situations, represent the school and community with pride, follow written or verbal directions, and be a leader or follower depending on what is necessary for each situation.

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