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RHAM High School Athletics

Hebron/Marlborough/Andover Region 8 Schools

Regional School District #8, in partnership with its families and community, provides a safe and supportive environment that
encourages all students to participate actively in their learning, to achieve their full potential and be positive contributors to society.

To engage students in rigorous and challenging education that provides multiple pathways to college and career readiness.
Theory of Action
If the Region 8 community invests in providing and sustaining high quality leadership and instruction that engages teachers and
students in their own learning and growth by offering a rigorous and challenging mix of academic experiences which combine core
competencies, innovative learning opportunities, expectations for community service, and extracurricular activities, then students will
develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for success as informed citizens in college and/or career pathways.

District Commitments

Region 8 commits to:
➢ Developing fiscally efficient and accountable budgets that maximize resources.
➢ Providing a welcoming/accepting, well maintained, accessible and safe facilities and school community.
➢ Offering a globally competitive, world-class education for ALL students.
➢ Hiring, training and retaining high quality professional staff
➢ Engaging the community through active outreach and on-going communication.

Core Values and Beliefs
RHAM High School is a community of students and adults working collaboratively so that teaching and learning take place in a safe, respectful and positive environment. We provide a rigorous comprehensive education to prepare students for post-secondary study, work and life. We provide diverse instruction designed to ensure students take responsibility for their own learning. We work with families and community members to support the personal, academic and career development of every student.

Expectations for Student Learning

Academic Expectations

The student will demonstrate skills in:
● Reading and writing
● Speaking and listening
● Problem solving
● Artistic expression
● Physical fitness, health and wellness

Social Expectations
The student will demonstrate personal and academic integrity
● Civic Expectations
The student will demonstrate active participation in the community

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