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The Regional School District No. 7 Board of Education believes that athletic programs play an important part in the overall development of students. These athletic programs provide a variety of positive experiences to aid in the development of favorable habits and attitudes in students, including teamwork, competition, and how to win and lose gracefully. Our athletic programs constantly strive for the development of well-rounded individuals.

The opportunity to participate in athletics is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the school, the activity, the student body, the community and to participants themselves.

While all involved take great pride in our success, the Northwestern Regional community does not condone a "win at all costs" attitude. Athletic programs must be conducted in such a way as to justify them as educational activities benefiting all who participate. Everyone involved in school athletics, including student-athletes, coaches, and spectators, are asked to support Northwestern's belief in sportsmanship and integrity.

More information regarding policies of the athletic program can be found in the athletic handbook.
Athletic Handbook

High School Athletic schedules can be viewed at: CASCIAC.ORG

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