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The Putnam Valley Athletic Department has a strong belief that the Interscholastic Athletic Program prepares our students to become productive citizens in our community and society.  Specifically, a wide-ranging program of athletic activities represents our commitment to development of physical fitness, personal health, and the striving of competent performance in any given sport.

The faculty and administration of Putnam Valley High School and Middle School recognize that the interscholastic athletic program is an extension of the core curricular objectives of both schools. The students will be engaged in carefully planned and quality learning experiences that are expected to enhance observable changes in knowledge application, physical skill attainment, self-esteem, physical conditioning and problem solving skills. This program will also include experiences in human relations, opportunities to grow emotionally, and situations that will test individual and group character. Finally, the athletic program at each level will offer opportunities to supplement and refine already learned skills, and to do extremely well in areas compatible with the student’s talents, abilities and attainable desires.

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Dir. of Physical Education, Athletics and Health
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Administrative Assistant
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Middle School Nurse
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School Physician

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Athletic Trainer
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