Preston Center of Compassion

Where hearts connect and lives are transformed

Preston Center of Compassion is a welcoming community and place of compassion that provides education, counseling, spirituality, mentoring, leadership and empowerment programs and services in response to the needs of women, children and families in the Bronx.

Where hearts connect and lives are transformed…


Our commitment to compassion calls us to embrace and attend to:

The suffering of others, locally and globally
The empowerment of women, children, adolescents and families
The needs of those who poor and marginalized
Holistic living and ongoing personal and spiritual growth
Alternatives to violence, including the violence done to women, children and the earth
Living in healthy and right relationships interdependently as family  and community
Celebrating life together with its gifts and challenges

Grounded in a spirit of compassion and empowerment,
services are offered that address critical community needs and
provide support programs and services for low income
women, children and families who are most in need.

There currently are no programs published for this organization
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