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Plainville Athletics

Home of the Blue Devils

The Plainville Board of Education, the administration, our faculty and the Athletic Department believe the competitive athletic program is an integral part of the overall educational program of the school.

To be of maximum effectiveness, the athletic program must be closely coordinated with the general instruction of the school.  We believe that meaningful involvement and participation in competitive activities promotes overall student success in many ways, including increased commitment to academic improvement, improved school attendance, positive work ethic, and a healthy understanding of competition and sportsmanship.

Participation in activities and athletics in Plainville is open to all students who meet and maintain the standards of academic eligibility, are good school citizens, and meet basic physical health qualifications. Athletics is an extensions of our classroom and is a privilege that  can be taken away if expectations are not met.

If the program you are looking for is closed or not listed, click here to contact the organization.