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The athletic program is an important supplement to the Taconic High School and Pittsfield High School academic curriculums. Over twenty interscholastic athletic programs are offered at each of our high schools, with over forty varsity and junior varsity teams existing.  All students are urged to become involved in this important part of the academic experience. 

The Pittsfield Public School’s athletic program should provide a variety of experiences to aid in the development of favorable habits and attitudes in students that will prepare them for adult life in our society.  The program seeks to promote mental, emotional, and social health in addition to the physical development necessary for an active life.  Emphasis is given to the teaching of skills in diverse physical activities and educating students in the concepts of fair play, cooperative effort, leadership, and the ability to handle adversity. 

Being a member of a Pittsfield Public School athletic team is the fulfillment of an early ambition for many students.  The attainment of this goal carries with it certain traditions and responsibilities that must be maintained.  As a member of an interscholastic team, students inherit a wonderful tradition – a tradition that you they are challenged to uphold.

Students assume a leadership role when they become a member of an athletic team. Because of this leadership role, student-athletes can contribute greatly to school spirit and community pride. Participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege afforded to students  in good-standing that demonstrate ability, effort, and dedication athletically, as well as academically.

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