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Pascack Valley High School

Go Valley!! Valley Pride!!

Welcome to all incoming Freshmen, Transfer Students, and Athletes to Pascack Valley. We are excited to offer online registration for all of the named students on FamilyID.

*Please be mindful of changes that may be forthcoming due to COVID19. We will update all families according to these updates as they are released.*

The Pascack Valley Athletics Department has a rich history of athletics dating back more than 60 years.  We currently field 54 different sports teams, each having great success, while striving to continue that tradition on a daily basis. Interscholastic athletics play an important role in the educational program of our student-athletes at Pascack Valley and we encourage their success in the classroom as well as on the field. In addition, we strive to teach the concepts of hard work, dedication, and commitment. Participation in athletics at the high school level has been shown to help students improve organization and time management, thus improving their academic performance.

It is our hope that your child will find athletics at PVHS a rewarding and enriching experience.  Go Valley!!  Valley Pride!!


Sportsmanship Matters
- Attendance at a high school sporting event is a great way to teach the meaning of sportsmanship. Please set a good example by cheering FOR your team, friends, classmates, teammates, sons and daughters. There is no place for anger in our grandstands directed at anyone including opposing fans, players, coaches, or the officials. Please refrain from rooting AGAINST our opponents for they too are someone's friends, classmates, teammates, sons, and daughters. Your actions should demonstrate respect for the game as well as those who play it. Let our players play, our coaches coach, the officials make the calls, and cheer like crazy for Valley.  

In order to participate in athletics parents/guardians and students must read the below contract and digitally sign the online form in FamilyID.

Sportsmanship Contract:

It is not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.  Unfortunately, in recent years this maxim has not guided our thinking.  Rather a win at all costs philosophy and a retreat from the qualities of good sportsmanship has been evident even in high school sports.  Because the Pascack Valley District and the Big North Conference believe in the concept of good sportsmanship as a paramount priority in high school athletic programs, we will emphasize this goal.  We insist that all players, coaches, and spectators respect this goal of sportsmanship at all athletic contests.  

The following behaviors by students or adults will result in removal from the game site.

  • Criticism or harassment of officials, coaches, teammates, cheerleaders, or spectators.
  • Profanity and/or negative verbal arguments at practices, games, or with spectators.
  • Derogatory signs or noise makers at athletic contests.
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