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Notre Dame High School Athletics

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The goal of the Athletic Department is to conduct a wholesome and worthwhile program which is consistent with and contributes to the basic philosophy of Notre Dame High School. As an integral part of the total education process, Notre Dame athletics makes a significant contribution to the personal growth and development of the participants. To this end, we strive to increase the students' knowledge, contribute to their maturity, teach moral and ethical values, and motivate them in pursuit of excellence. In doing so, we can help produce individuals who realize their self-worth and reach their full potential. Our dedicated coaches are very much aware of their obligations and responsibilities as extremely visible representatives of Notre Dame High School. They are cognizant of the tremendous influence their position wields and will continually strive to instill the highest desirable ideals and character traits in our student-athletes.

ND Athletic Participation "A Privilege"

It is important for students and parents to realize participation in the Notre Dame athletic program is not a right of all students, but rather a privilege which is afforded to those selected individuals who possess the ability, attitude, disposition, cooperative spirit, and desire to represent the student body and school community in a manner which reflects favorably upon the reputation of Notre Dame High School.

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