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North Kingstown School District

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The interscholastic athletic program in the North Kingstown Schools is an accepted and integral part of the curriculum which produces many benefits difficult to achieve in other areas of education.

The Athletic Department will strive to develop good sportsmanship, team play, a competitive spirit and team and school loyalty in every athlete. Program participants will be expected to display the proper ideals of ethical conduct and fair play, and to show respect to officials, opposing teams and fellow players. Also the athletic program will strive to encourage a winning attitude while not losing sight of other related ideals.

The athletic program will provide instruction and encourage maximum participation in a wide variety of activities that should satisfy most of the needs and interests of the students. In administering the athletic program, every effort will be made to offer those activities that best meet the needs and interests of the greatest number of students; to provide the best possible facilities and equipment; and to provide the best qualified coaching personnel. The health and welfare of the participants shall be the primary consideration in conducting the athletic program.

Every student wishing to take advantage of the athletic program in the North Kingstown Schools should make certain that they are well aware of the rules and obligations they are assuming before deciding to try out for an athletic team. The student's first obligation is to the school team. All other conflicting sports obligations shall be secondary. Also, parents should be familiar with the rules and regulations. Each student and parent should realize that participating in the school athletic program is a privilege. The student athlete is afforded this privilege of representing himself/herself and his/her school, as long as the student is willing to accept the responsibility of adhering to all rules and regulations.

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