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Neshaminy High School Athletic Department

Everybody do the Redskin Rumble!

Neshaminy High School is proud to offer an interscholastic athletic program that is committed to the total physical, emotional, social and mental development of its participants. The program is an extension of the values and ideals of our school leading to the development of a well rounded individual. Neshaminy High School athletes will take pride in themselves, their team, school and community while learning to work together towards common goals. Every athlete should enjoy the experience of being a team member.  

Tryouts for programs are open to all students providing they meet the standards of academic eligibility, school citizenship and basic physical/health qualifications. Participation in the program is a privilege granted to students who meet and maintain these standards.  

As a member of the Neshaminy program, students are expected to demonstrate proper respect for all coaches, teammates, officials, spectators and equipment. Student athletes are expected to exhibit the highest level of conduct and sportsmanship both on and off the playing field, as they are at all times representatives of their team, school and community.  

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