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The Interscholastic Athletic Program at Nashoba is committed to the total physical, emotional, social and mental development of its participants. Athletics are an extension of the academic day where our coaching staff is charged with the responsibility of teaching the values of accountability, citizenship, sportsmanship, confidence, tolerance, accepting success graciously, handling disappointment, leadership, participation within the rules, performing under pressure, persistence, responsibility, sacrifice, self discipline, striving for excellence, taking instruction and teamwork. Building self-esteem and self-confidence is an ongoing process, used in both games and practices. Through this process, Nashoba coaches challenge and develop players, both technically and emotionally, in a positive manner, using both praise and constructive criticism. Coaches are encouraged to make praise personal, criticism impersonal.Nashoba strives to have all athletes “play with class and poise" and this philosophy has become a very important part of the instruction that takes place at each practice session. As members of the Nashoba athletic program, students and coaches are expected to demonstrate proper respect for each other, other teams and coaches, teammates, officials, spectators and equipment. Student athletes and coaches are expected to exhibit the highest level of conduct, both on and off the playing field, as they are, at all times, representatives of their team, school and community.Tryouts are open to all students, providing they are in good academic standing, are good school citizens, and are physically fit to participate. Participation in the program is a privilege, which students can earn by maintaining these standards.

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