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Monument Academy Athletics

Home of the Lynx!

Our mission in athletics is to teach student-athletes both the fundamental skills necessary to be better athletes, and the fundamental character traits necessary to be better people. Sportsmanship will be the top priority of Lynx Athletics, and an expectation of all coaches, student-athletes, and parents!

Athletic programs are a natural infrastructure for the development of the character traits we value here at Monument Academy. We will focus as much on teaching our student-athletes good character as we will teaching them the technical skills necessary to compete in their respective athletic programs.

 We have partnered with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) to develop better athletes, and better people. Our coaches will work diligently to create this culture in all of our programs. Please see this video clip to gain a better understanding of the culture we are trying to implement here at Monument Academy!  Better Athletes, Better People!

CCAL Program:
Monument Academy is a full member school in the Central Colorado Athletic League (CCAL), and will directly support the participation of student-athletes in this program. CCAL provides a competitive environment with a playoff structure for a school’s A-Team. Competitive events are also held for a school’s B-Team, but the league does not keep a record of season standings, and there is no playoff structure. CCAL Programs are offered to all 7th and 8th grade student-athletes, with limited programs available to 6th grade student-athletes. 5th grade student-athletes may participate in competitive chess. Some CCAL programs hold tryouts, and cuts may be necessary for these programs. You do NOT need to register/pay before tryouts have concluded and teams are chosen, but you must either have a valid athletic physical on file with us, or present a copy of a valid athletic physical in order to participate in tryouts. If you do not have a valid athletic physical on file with us, simply bring a copy to the first day of tryouts. More information about the CCAL program can be found in the 2017-2018 Athletic Handbook.

Junior Lynx Program:
Monument Academy will indirectly support competitive programs for our 5th and 6th grade student-athletes. We may need to limit the number of participants on Junior Lynx teams depending on the turnout for each program, and the number of available coaches. If there are more student-athletes interested in participating than we have resources to accommodate we will hold tryouts. Monument Academy will facilitate arranging program coaches, assembling Junior Lynx school teams, and entering them into appropriate, grade level competitive leagues hosted by outside organizations. Competitive events may be held during the week, and on Saturdays. Participants will register online at Monument Academy so that we have access to emergency contact information should a coach need to contact a parent. Junior Lynx program participants will also need to register with the outside organization that is hosting the league. Junior Lynx coaches will communicate the process for registering with these outside organizations. More information about the Junior Lynx program can be found in the 2017-2018 Athletic Handbook.

Volunteer Parent Driver Registration Program:

Monument Academy does not have regular access to bus service, and relies on parent volunteers to transport student-athletes to competitive events. If you are available to help, even if only occasionally, please register for the Volunteer Parent Driver Registration Program. Thank you!

Instructions for registering electronically, the Student-Athlete Handbook, Athletic Physical Form (yes, it's a little blurry, we're working on it), and the "Permission to Release Driver Records to Self or Another Person" form required by the State of Colorado for volunteer parent drivers can be found in the "Links" section to the right. 

If the program you are looking for is closed or not listed, click here to contact the organization.