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Montville Public Schools Athletics

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The goal of the Montville Public Schools Athletic Department is to provide each athlete with an educational experience through the sports medium.

Every athlete will have the opportunity to participate in the sport of his or her choice.  Through their sport experience each athlete will learn or improve the following:

A. The ability to work with others – This is an essential element necessary for success.  Through sports, athletes learn cooperation and teamwork.

B.      To be successful – Success is not measured solely by wins and losses, but rather in how one conducts themselves during victory and defeat. 

C.      To develop sportsmanship – A sense of fair play is a must in our society. Play hard, but play fair, accept defeat as well as victory graciously and appreciate the ability of others.

D.     To strive for continual improvement – Each athlete must set a goal for themselves and constantly work towards the realization of that goal.

E.      To develop desirable personal health habits – To be an active, contributing citizen it is important to obtain a high degree of physical fitness through exercise and good health habits, and to develop the desire to maintain this level of physical fitness after formal competition has been completed.

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