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Mission Statement for Athletics

Athletics at Nipmuc Regional High School play an integral part in the school program. Students
have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities that will enhance their
educational experience. The sports program is committed to the physical, emotional, social, and
mental development of all who participate.

Athletic Program Objectives
● To provide opportunities for physical, mental, and emotional growth.
● To develop confidence and self­ esteem.
● To develop and enhance problem solving and self­ advocacy skills
● To develop and improve time management skills.
● To develop and understand the concepts of individual and team play.
● To develop a sense of commitment, loyalty, cooperation, and fairness.
● To learn that good sportsmanship means winning and losing with grace and dignity.
● To learn to make decisions under pressure.
● To foster town and school pride.

The athletic program at Nipmuc Regional High School is an integral part of the total
school program. It offers the students the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of
activities that enhance the educational experience. The program is committed to the
physical, emotional, social, and mental development of all who participate.

Participation is a privilege that comes with responsibilities for the student ­athlete,
Nipmuc Regional High School, and the towns of Mendon and Upton.
Athletics at Nipmuc Regional High School are open to all students who meet and
maintain the standards of academic eligibility, are in good standing based on the
parent/student handbook , and meet minimum physical health qualifications.
Student­ athletes are expected to exhibit the highest level of conduct on and off the field.
They must show respect for everyone with whom they come in contact while at Nipmuc
Regional High School: teammates, game officials, opponents, and spectators.


Physical Examination:

Athletes must pass a physical examination each year before participating in any sport.
This must be done prior to the first practice session. No athlete will be issued equipment
or participate in organized practice or scheduled games until he/she has given the school
nurse/athletic director a current physical examination form from a physician.
In order for an exam to be considered current and valid, it must be dated within 13
months of the date of any athletic involvement. It is strongly recommended that an annual
examination be scheduled between June 15 and August 20 each school year.

All athletes must meet all school and MIAA eligibility requirements.

a. A student must secure during the last marking period preceding the contest (e.g.
second quarter marks and not semester grades determine third quarter eligibility)
a passing grade in the equivalent of five major subjects.

b. A student cannot at any time represent a school unless that student is taking
courses which would provide course credits (aka Carnegie Units) equivalent of
five 1­ year major English courses.

c. Fall eligibility is based on the passing of at least five subjects from the previous
academic school year. summer school may not count towards athletic eligibility. (see g)

d. Academic eligibility of all students shall be considered as official only on the date
when the report cards for that marking period have been issued to the parents of
all students within a particular class.

e Incomplete grades may not be counted toward eligibility.

f. A student who repeats work for which he/she has once received credit cannot
count that subject a second time for eligibility.

g. For eligibility purposes, a student cannot count points obtained in a subject taken
during the summer vacation unless that subject has been previously pursued and

h. If a student is ineligible at the end of the second marking period and signs up for a
"cut" sport in the winter/spring, he/she may have the opportunity to try out for
that sport once eligible, provided he/she is declared eligible when report cards are
issued and has the approval of the athletic director.

i. Students may go out for non­cut sports as soon as eligible, subject to the approval
of the head coach of the sport in question and the athletic director.

j. Students who are 19 years old prior to September 1 of the school year are not
eligible for high school athletics.

k. Students are eligible for athletics for 12 consecutive seasons beginning with their
entry into the ninth grade.
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