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Welcome!  We are very excited that your son/daughter has made the decision to join an athletic program or co-curricular club!  Participation is an integral part of the educational process allowing students to learn core values which will ultimately lead to achieving success. 
DEADLINE DATES FOR THE 2019-2020 School Year for Sports and Intramural Activities at the High School, Middle School and Lloyd Road

Deadline Dates:

April 15th, 2019:      The Family ID link will open.  You can register your student athlete for the summer programs.

June 1, 2019:            Deadline to hand in physical paperwork to Lloyd Road Nurse for all 5th Graders going to MAMS in the Fall, 2019.

June 5th, 2019:        Deadline for ALL sports paperwork to be received at the High School or Middle School in order to participate in any SUMMER Camps and Clinics. This includes Marching Band,Color Guard, Cheerleading and Dance. The link to Family ID will be closed on this date. Paper work for SUMMER participation will not be approved after this date.  Your Student-Athlete must wait for the start of the Fall Season to be approved for participation if the physical is handed in after June 5, 2019. Therefore your Student-Athlete will not be eligible to participate in any Summer practices.

July 8, 2019:              The Family ID link will REOPEN for any Student-Athletes that are still interested in a Fall Sport or Intramural. We will be accepting physicals from your primary care physician at this time but your Student-Athlete will not be eligible to participate in a fall sport until they are cleared after August 2nd, 2019. 

August 2, 2019        Deadline for all Fall Sports and  Intramural. The Family ID link will CLOSE and will not be available to sign up for a Fall Sport or Intramural after this date.

October 1, 2019      Family ID link will be OPEN for any Student-Athletes that are interested in participating in a Winter Sport or Intramural.

November 6, 2019   Deadline for all Winter Sports Intramural . The Family ID link will CLOSE  and will not be available to sign up for a Winter Sport or Intramural after this date.

January 15, 2020      Family ID link will be OPEN for any Student-Athletes that are interested in participating in a Spring Sport or Intramural.

February 25, 2020    Deadline for all Spring Sports  Intramural.  The Family ID link will CLOSE  and will not be available to sign up for a Spring Sport or Intramural after this date. 

All physical packets and permission forms should be submitted to your child's school nurse. Please do not give it to the front office, a teacher, coach or counselor.

Be sure to access the parent portal to check and see if your son or daughter has an up to date sports physical on file and the corresponding expiration date.

The mission of our athletic programs and co-curricular clubs is to promote the intellectual, physical and moral development of students, within a positive, enjoyable and rewarding environment!  It is the intent of the Matawan Athletic Program to provide the students of the middle school and high school a comprehensive, well-planned, balanced interscholastic program, and to show how the students can benefit from participation in this type of activity.

The program shall be managed and teams coached in a manner to achieve the following objectives:

  1.  Promote individual and team desire for excellence, while emphasizing that interscholastic sports are kept in perspective and that the first priority for all student-athletes is intellectual and emotional growth. 
  2.  Encourage enjoyment of competition, a desire to win, and a healthy attitude toward winning and losing.
  3. Develop the self-confidence and self-respect of each team member.
  4. Develop the specialized talents, skills, and physical fitness of each participant.
  5. Develop attitudes and skills that foster teamwork, cooperation, loyalty, and spirit.
  6. Develop the highest degree of sportsmanship, sense of fair play, and respect for coaches, game officials, and especially fellow athletes, both teammates and opponents.

If the program you are looking for is closed or not listed, Click Here to contact the organization.
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