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Marblehead High School Mission Statement

The mission of Marblehead High School is to provide a safe, respectful environment in which all students are challenged to achieve their fullest intellectual, physical, and social development and to accept responsibility for their learning.

Athletic Department Mission

Marblehead High School Athletic Department believes that, in concert with their academic pursuits, athletic challenges help students develop life skills that will serve them well as adults. Interscholastic athletics provide an outstanding “testing ground” against strong local competition. Backed by experienced coaches and outstanding support from the town, Marblehead athletes push themselves to improve on a daily basis so they can realize their academic and physical potential. And while winning is important, a truer measure of success is evaluating how each student improves, prepares for intense competition and how he/she handles the successes and conflicts associated with it.

Program Goals

Emphasis is on the development of basic skills, appropriate attitudes, values and team concepts. Participation at the varsity level is generally limited to the most highly skilled players and those with the ability to interact with other players for team success. Assessment will be made by the coach relative to the level of play, (V, JV, or Freshmen), most beneficial to the development and progress of each player. It should be understood that playing time could be limited by the strategy of the game, coach’s direction and certain conditions. To allow as many students as possible to participate and share the experience and benefits derived from team membership. To compete successfully with Northeast Conference & non-league opponents, and with teams or individuals of a similar division in state competition.

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